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What is a Leitweg-ID?

For the successful transmission of an electronic invoice as invoicing party or sender, a unique identification and addressing of the invoice recipient is required.

The Leitweg-IDmust be transmitted as a mandatory requirement for electronic invoicing to public contracting authorities in the federal administration.

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How is a Leitweg-ID structured?

Element 1 of the Leitweg-ID represents the state or federal government code:

  • 01 Schleswig-Holstein
  • 02 Hamburg
  • 03 Lower Saxony
  • 04 Bremen
  • 05 North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 06 Hesse
  • 07 Rhineland-Palatinate
  • 08 Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • 09 Bavaria
  • 10 Saarland
  • 11 Berlin
  • 12 Brandenburg
  • 13 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • 14 Saxony
  • 15 Saxony-Anhalt
  • 16 Thuringia
  • 99 Federal government
    • 991 – direct federal administration or a constitutional body and receives electronic invoices via the ZRE.
    • 992 – indirect federal administration or federal state and receives electronic invoices via the OZG-RE.
    • 993 – indirect federal administration and receives electronic invoices via its own solution (neither ZRE nor OZG-RE).

Download now the Leitweg-ID Format Specification  Version 2.0.2 from Kosit (Coordination Office for IT Standards) (28.07.2021)

Leitweg-ID and XRechnung

The Leitweg-ID is specified in the standard XInvoice in the field “Buyer Reference” (BT-10 Buyer Reference ) and must be transmitted as mandatory information on every e-invoice.

ZRE and OZG-RE Portale

If you submit your invoice to platforms such as ZRE or OZG-RE, it is mandatory to include the Leitweg-ID in the Buyer Reference field (BT-10 Buyer Reference).

If you send the invoice directly to the client by email, the use of the Leitweg-ID is optional. Clarify directly with the client whether the Leitweg-ID is required or not.

Invoice transmission to ZRE and OZG-RE can be done via:

  • Email
  • Upload

Peppol (“Pan-European Public Procurement Online”) refers to an infrastructure established in Europe and increasingly also internationally for the secure transmission of data in the context of electronic procurement.

Peppol enables automated sending, transmission, receipt and processing of electronic invoices.

The invoice sender should only establish a connection to the PEPPOL network or PEPPOL access point. The transmission of the invoice to the invoice recipient is automatic.

The Peppol network is used by the invoice receipt platforms ZRE and OZG-RE to enable suppliers as invoice senders to send electronic invoices automatically.

Article Name
The Leitweg-ID (routing ID) enables the addressing and forwarding of the electronic invoice to the various invoice recipients: